G a l l e r y

vigna bissoni

T h e F o u r S e a s o n s

Each season reveals itself in a different way in the vineyards. The vines rest during the winter, it isn’t until the spring that the first shoots emerge. The vines triumph in full vigour during the summer, grapes ripen and change colour, waiting to be harvested in autumn. By late October, the landscape is dominated by bright yellow leaves.
vigneti bissoni

V i n e y a r d a n d C e l l a r

In the cellar, Raffaella Bissoni continues the work she started among the wine rows, with full respect of grapes generously bestowed by Nature, shunning all invasive processes.
vendemmia raffaella bissoni
raffaella bissoni nelle vigne
fiore nel vigneto

N a t u r e

The estate is a triumph of flowers and wild plants, with grape-laden vines, insects buzzing, hare and row deer bounding through vineyards, only to hide in the neighbouring woodlands.
fioriture nel vigneto