W i n e r y

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Driving through the road linking the medieval town centre of Bertinoro to the suburb of Casticciano, among the most spectacular hills of Romagna, you’ll spot a farmhouse surrounded by tidy vineyards and luxuriant woodlands: this is the Bissoni winery, founded by Raffaella in 1988.

From the winery, you will be astonished to find a blue line on the horizon: the Adriatic Sea. The breezes travel up and among the hills, creating the perfect climate conditions for a unique terroir.
STORY OF Vini Bissoni

W i n e r y

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The Bissoni winery stretches over 12 hectares, of which 6 are vineyards, approximately 200 meters above sea level. Two grape varieties are grown at Bissoni: Sangiovese and Albana, quintessential Romagna varieties.

Here in Bertinoro, in the heart of Romagna, wine making dates back to Roman times. Indeed, legend has it that Galla Placidia, daughter of the Roman Emperor Theodosius, stopped in Bertinoro when journeying through the land, and was offered a cup of golden Albana. After a sip, she exclaimed: “You do not deserve such a crude goblet, oh wine, rather you should be drunk in gold!”. Hence the town’s name: “Bertinoro” (“drunk in gold”).
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For nearly 30 years Raffaella Bissoni has been focusing on grape growing, in full respect for the environment and the cycles of nature. Meticulous cellar processes transform grapes into fine wines with a unique character. The Bissoni winery obtained organic certification in 2016, given by the independent and renowned CCPB certification body.


The values that inspire Raffaella are: respect for the environment, a love of this land and hard-work. Raffaella has chosen to grow grapes that are historically typical to Bertinoro and to ensure a virtuous cycle of give and take in wine productione:

the woodlands bordering the estate give firewood for heating and the ashes of the stove are used for soil fertilization. In the vineyards, she does not use herbicides and the grass is cut just three times a year, so that an ecosystem of flora and fauna is able to thrive under the vines. Raffaella’s choice is rewarded with an extensive variety of aromas and flavours that characterise her wines. Nature rewards generously with what you give her.


The winery is the centre of Raffaella Bissoni’s world: she has made the decision to live and work here day after day with her family. With energy and diligence, she aims to bottling the essence of her dream: fine, structured, balanced wines made using natural methods, in a land rich of history and culture.
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You can perceive Raffaella’s love and respect for Nature as soon as you enter her yard: a triumph of wild flowers and plants welcome you and it is not so uncommon to spot hare and row deer bounding through wine rows. Raffaella has decided to keep existing woodlands on vast areas of the estate, to preserve the overall balance of the local ecosystem. Herbicides, weed killers and other invasive methods are shunned: Raffaella relies on integrated pest control methods and on practices allowed by organic farming.