Production area: Bertinoro, hilly area 150 m
a.s.l. , sandy-clayey soil
Grape variety: albana
Grapes: 100% Albana
Harvest time: from end of October to December
Average yield per hectare: 40 quintals
Cultivation method: guyot
Vine Density: 2,500 vines per Ha
Year of planting: 1991
Harvest: Two thirds of the drying process occurs
on the vine with Botrytis Cinerea, a third of which
after the cutting of vine-shoots. The remaining
third of the grapes are harvested and left to dry
in crates. Grape harvesting consists of several
passages in order to select the finest botrytised
Wine making process: Alcoholic fermentation with wild yeasts at controlled temperature, partially in
stainless steel tanks and partially in oak barrels. Two-years refining in both stainless steel tanks and
French oak barrels and rest of minimum 18 months in the bottle.
Ageing potential: over 50 years
Organoleptic features: Intense golden yellow colour with amber shades after some years of ageing.
Bouquet of apricot jam, dates, dry figs, honey, ripe apple and vanilla. Spicy hints with emergence of
saffron notes, after some years of ageing, typical of botrytised wines.
Mellow and rich in the mouth, moderately tannic, not too sweet, with a slightly oily texture and
flavours reminiscent of its bouquet. Complex and lingering.
Notes and food pairing: This rich and structured wine is suitable for long ageing. Well matched with
foie gras, blue cheeses, matured caprino and pecorino, Gorgonzola and Stilton, served with honey and
jams. Also excellent with tea biscuits or alone, as a meditation wine.