T e r r i o r


T e r r i o r

Between 150 and 300 meters above sea level, vineyards located on the hills of Bertinoro, Romagna, bask in the beneficial climate of the Adriatic Sea, 15 kilometres away. Salubrious sea breezes travel up and among the hills, creating excellent climate conditions for a unique terroir: ideal ventilation and high diurnal temperature variation that bestows aromatic richness upon wines.
The roots of Raffaella Bissoni’s vineyards sink gleefully into “Spungone” a porous tuffaceous rock of marine origin made from limestone with fossil shells deposits. Fossil shells indicate that thousands of years ago this land was covered by oceans. The Spungone layers are rich in minerals and nutrients suitable for grape growing bestowing a special complexity and balsamic hints upon wines, for an unmistakable Bertinoro terroir, sip after sip.

B e r t i n o r o

The ancient town of Bertinoro town is located a short distance away from the Bissoni estate. Bertinoro is renowned for its historic heritage (don’t miss the main square Piazza della Libertà and its Column of the Rings) and for its extensive offer of typical local products (piadina flat bread, cheeses, Mora Romagnola charcuterie, wines).
The nearby town of Fratta Terme is home to a thermal centre with 7 different spring waters and you have the chance to try the “vinotherapy”. Bertinoro is also a wonderful destination for sports, just follow one of many bike or walking routes. The Municipality organises important cultural, music and sport events all over the year.

Photo Credits: Comune di Bertinoro
Territorio: Bertinoro
Territorio: Forlì

F o r l i

Forlì is located approximately 10 km away from the Bissoni winery and is a venue of important art exhibitions every year. In addition to its Renaissance monuments, you can also view examples of rationalist architecture throughout the city.

C e s e n a

Head south along the road dating back to Roman times known as the Via Emilia, and you’ll reach the vibrant city of Cesena, with the centuries-old Malatestiana Library, the oldest European civic library where ancient manuscripts are archived.

Territorio: Cesena
Territorio: Ravenna

R a v e n n a

Less that one hour’s drive away you can visit Ravenna. The ancient capital city of the Western Roman Empire is perfect if you wish to admire spectacular mosaics. Unmissable attractions and cultural events can be found on this page:

Photo credits: Comune di Ravenna

B o l o g n a

The region’s capital city is located 60 km from the Bissoni winery. Bologna is home to the nearest international airport. Bologna is nicknamed “the fat and the learned”. Indeed, many typical Italian food specialities were born here (try the Tortellini) and the city is home to Europe’s oldest and most prestigious university, the Alma Mater Studiorum. Bologna offers one of the best preserved medieval town centres of the world and boasts a rich cultural heritage:

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Territorio: Bologna
Territorio: Rimini

A d r i a t i c C o a s t & R i m i n i

Romagna is famous all over the world for the hospitality of its people. The Adriatic Coast hosts millions of tourists very year, in an unmistakable flourish of fun, good food, sunny weather, sandy beaches and outdoor sport activities. Rimini is located 60 km south of the Bissoni winery and the Adriatic Riviera is dotted with other towns even closer, including Cervia, famous for its salt planes “Saline” and Cesenatico, with its unmissable Port-Canal, originally designed by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci.